DRDO test fires AGNI-V missile

India has achieved a significant milestone by developing MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry) capability.
DRDO test fires AGNI-V missile

Today, India successfully conducted the Mission Divyastra test, which marks the first flight test of the Agni-5 missile equipped with MIRV technology. This advancement allows a single missile to deploy multiple warheads at different targets.

Notably, the project director leading this initiative is a woman, showcasing significant female contributions to the project.

With the successful test of Mission Divyastra, India has joined an exclusive group of nations possessing MIRV capability.

The system features indigenous Avionics systems and high-accuracy sensor packages, ensuring that the re-entry vehicles accurately reach their intended targets. This achievement reflects India's growing technological prowess.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the scientists at DRDO for their accomplishment. He expressed his pride in a message on social media platform X, applauding the achievement of Mission Divyastra and the development of indigenous MIRV technology.