True Activist &Luckiest: Andhra BJP MP Varma Got Berth in Modi 3.O

From Andhra Pradesh, three ministries were allocated to the members of the NDA 3.0 Cabinet.
True Activist &Luckiest: Andhra BJP MP Varma Got Berth in Modi 3.O

From Andhra Pradesh, three ministries were allocated to the members of the NDA 3.0 Cabinet. Three times MP from Srikakulam Lok Sabha segment, 36 years old Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu (TDP) was given the Civil Aviation Ministry. He is the India's youngest-ever Union Minister. Another MP from TDP, NRI Doctor-turned politician Pemmasani Chandrasekhar also secured position in the central cabinet. The richest Lok Sabha MP gets Ministry of Rural Development and Communications as a State minister.

Varma Rises to Central Minister from Councilor

Narasapuram MP Bhupathiraju Srinivasa Varma also secured a place in the central cabinet on behalf of the BJP. The most dedicated Sangh Parivar karyakartha and educationalist from Narsapuram, Srinivasa Varma was appointed as the Minister of State for Heavy Industries.

Srinivasa Varma rose from a municipal Councilor of Bhimavaram municipality to a Union Minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi 3.0 Cabinet. He was elected from Narsapuram Parliament, is a very lucky politician as everyone was surprised when he got the ticket.

A Powerful Voice of Downtrodden:

In Narsapuram area Srinivasa Varma is more popular as a ‘BJP Varma’ than his original name. He has been working for the development of BJP for 35 years in West Godavary region. Varma, who studied up to PG, engaged in public service as a municipal Councilor. He is the Chairman of the DNR educational institution and the Bapiraju Education Society in Bhimavaram area.

Surprisingly – Once Varma was active in the left-wing AISF student wing in the 1980s. After that he joined BJP. He started his political career in Bhimavaram and became a strong leader in West Godavari and Narassapuram Lok Sabha constituencies. Worked as a Municipal Councilor (1991-1997) served as the floor leader of the party in Bhimavaram municipality. First time he contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2009 and lost.

Varma worked in various capacities in the Andhra Pradesh BJP, including BJYM district president, Bhimavaram town president, West Godavari district general secretary & president, Narasapuram parliamentary constituency convener, national council member, and State secretary. Currently, he is BJP State secretary. After contesting unsuccessfully in 2009, he won from Narasapuram Lok Sabha constituency this time with a huge majority.

Key Role in Alluri Birth Anniversary Utsav:

Varma is into shrimp farming and real estate business for the past few decades. While serving as the district BJP president, he presided over Narendra Modi’s public meeting at Bhimavaram in 2014. He also worked as the convener of Alluri Sitarama Raju 125th birth anniversary celebrations Utsav Committee. Narendra Modi participated in the birth anniversary celebrations of the revolutionary freedom fighter at Bhimavaram on July 4, 2022.

YSRCP dissident MP Kanumuri Raghurama Krishnam Raju has made a lot of efforts for the Narsapuram Lok Sabha ticket. He lobbied to get BJP ticket. At the end, he contested as a TDP candidate from the Undi assembly segment from this Lok Sabha and won.

Luckily, Srinivasa Varma got the Narsapuram ticket from the BJP and won against YSRCP candidate Guduri Umabala.