Stalin Calls DMK Cadre to Coimbatore for Major Rally

CM M.K. Stalin has issued a call to the DMK party cadre, urging them to prepare for the 2026 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu
Stalin Calls DMK Cadre to Coimbatore for Major Rally

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has issued a call to the DMK party cadre, urging them to prepare for the 2026 Assembly elections with a goal of securing more than 200 of the 234 seats in Tamil Nadu. Stalin has invited all members to Coimbatore on June 15 for the Mupperum Vizha (Grand Tri-fest), an event marking the culmination of the centenary celebration of M. Karunanidhi and the party's recent electoral successes.

The Coimbatore event, preceding the annual Mupperum Vizha in September, aims to celebrate the DMK's sweeping victory in the recent Parliamentary elections, where the DMK-led alliance secured a 40/40 result in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The event also intends to honor Stalin for his leadership in guiding the INDIA alliance to this resounding success.

In his message to the party cadre, Stalin emphasized that the festival is not just for the DMK and its allies but for all the people of the state. He highlighted that the electorate's recent verdict was a mandate to protect the Constitution and curb communalism. The DMK and its allies' triumph in 221 out of the 234 Assembly constituencies within the state's 39 Lok Sabha seats serves as a testament to the government's effectiveness and the public's confidence, bolstered by various welfare schemes benefiting almost every household.

Stalin urged party members to work hard to strengthen this trust, ensure the continued success of the Dravidian Model government’s schemes, and communicate their long-term benefits to the people. Addressing critics from the opposition who questioned the significance of the DMK-led alliance's 40-seat win, Stalin stated that this victory serves as a check on those in power and acts as a protective shield for democracy.

He framed the Grand Tri-fest as a celebration of democracy, with the Lok Sabha poll victory symbolizing hope for Indian democracy. The selection of Coimbatore as the venue underscores the region's realization that some parties had exploited them for political gain.

Stalin described every party event, whether a conference, celebration, or public meeting, as a training opportunity for the cadre, rather than just a gathering. He stressed that the Coimbatore event aims to prepare members for the upcoming Vikravandi by-election, rural local body polls, and the 2026 Assembly election.

The Grand Tri-fest will be held at the CODISSIA ground in Coimbatore from 4 pm on June 15, with Stalin presiding over the event. All MPs from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, DMK district office bearers, and leaders from allied parties are expected to attend, marking a significant mobilization effort ahead of future electoral battles.