Poll Management Key in Triangle Fight – Telangana Ready to VOTE

If you look closely at the Telangana voting patterns, the voters will tend to vote for the candidate who has a chance of winning.
Poll Management Key in Triangle Fight – Telangana Ready to VOTE

If you look closely at the Telangana voting patterns, the voters will tend to vote for the candidate who has a chance of winning. It is clear that whichever party succeeds in poll management, that party will have the ultimate chance of winning. It is a fact that there is a tendency among voters to succumb to temptations like money and alcohol. If you look at the trend of the recent by-elections, you will understand how much the money effect is. Around 800 crores of cash, gold and liquor were seized within these 40 days after the election notification was issued.

Some sections are dissatisfied with the BRS government:

Positive points for BRS:

  • Visible progress in irrigation, agriculture and infrastructure sectors.

  • IT sector growth in Greater Hyderabad & surrounding Rangareddy district.

  • Welfare schemes like – Rythu Bhandu, Rythu Bheema, Asara Pensions, Kalyana Lakshimi.

  • Stable government and able & visionary leadership of K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

  • Well-developed second-line leadership, capabilities of KT Rama Rao and Harish Rao.

  • Public connect with Telangana sentiment.

  • Strong voter base in North and Central Telangana districts.

  • Cadre base in rural areas, as well as urban segments.

  • Control on the major media houses.

  • Strong hold on the Social media and grip over influencers.

  • Expertise in poll management and booth-level management.

 Negative points for BRS:

  • Corruption allegations on the Kaleshwaram project.

  • Dissatisfaction on around 20 sitting MLAs.

  • Branding of family party and dynasty politics.

  • Opposition of Unemployed youth and educated sections.

  • Dissatisfaction from Telangana martyrs families.

  • Lack of strong leadership in the Khammam and Nalgonda districts.

Congress is in Cloud Nine:

Positive points:

  • “Maarpu Ravaali…” (Change needs) slogan successfully reached public through social media.

  • Sentiment that Sonia Gandhi given Telangana separate state.

  • The falling of BJP graph, that party grown into a strong position as an alternative in the state.

  • Indirect support of the Telugu Desam Party (Keeping in view Chandrababu Naidu's political future in AP, TDP ranks are supporting Congress in Telangana).

  • CPI joins Congress alliance, CPM declares direct support.

  • Support of Reddy caste lobby (A strong section in real estate, contracts and other businesses groups).

  • Kamma community investors are trying to strengthen Revanth Reddy.

  • Financial support from Karnataka business sections.

  • Congress has a strong hold on social media.

  • Pro-Telugu Desam mainstream media (two daily papers, three TV channels) directly supporting Revanth Reddy.

  • 18-35 group leaning towards youth congress due to unemployment problem.

  • Beneficiaries of YS Rajasekhar Reddy's regime are showing affection towards Congress.

  • YSR daughter YS Sharmila's party, which is claiming YSR's legacy, has opted out of contesting this election in support of Congress.

Negative factors:

  • Completely depending on the “Negative Vote”.

  • Lack of complete trust in the “Six Guarantees”.

  • In terms of welfare schemes, nothing new has been proposed in addition to what is being implemented by the ruling BRS.

  • The claim that PCC chief Revanth Reddy is an agent of TDP chief Chandrababu.

  • Disunity among seniors. Scramble for Chief Minister's chair.

  • PCC President Revanth Reddy is accused of selling party tickets.

  • Giving tickets to those who come from other parties up to 25 parachute leaders.

  • Fielding around 30 weak candidates.

  • There is talk of failure in implementation of schemes in Karnataka.

  • Revanth Reddy's comments on free electricity fueled opposition among farmers.

BJP is trying to survive with strong strategies:

Positive points:

  • Turning the BC communities towards BJP with the promise of “BC Chief Minister for Telangana”.

  • Assuring the SC categorization and turning the Madigas towards BJP.

  • Focusing on the slogan of Telangana development with double engine government.

  • Janasena-BJP alliance, its chief Pawan Kalyan campaigning in Hyderabad, Khammam districts

  • Taking the schemes and programs implemented by the central government to the people.

  • Making people believe in BJP manifesto in the name of “Modi guarantees”.

  • Fielding strong candidates in North Telangana.

  • Making certain percentage of Mudiraj and Munnuru kapu commuities to turn towards BJP.

Negative factors:

  • Congress succeeds in making BJP guilty of delay in MLC Kavitha's arrest in Delhi Liquor scam.

  • There is a campaign that the party has become weak after Bandi Sanjay was replaces by Kishan Reddy as the president of the state party.

  • Young voters who were attracted to the party by the image of Narendra Modi are turning towards the Congress with the talk that the BJP has weakened.

  • State leadership was not being able to strongly counter the Congress narrative that BRS and BJP are one and the same.

  • During election time, some prominent leaders jumped into Congress party.

  • Fielding economically weaker candidates in many constituencies.