PM Modi to visit Kerala tomorrow

On Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi will start his tour of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
PM Modi to visit Kerala tomorrow

The BJP will begin its electioneering during Prime Minister Modi's visit to Kerala on January 3. Modi will be present at the party's conference on women's empowerment, which is scheduled to take place at this city's central plaza, Thekkinkadu Maidan.The BJP appears to be targeting the Thrissur constituency in an attempt to make a breakthrough.

The BJP anticipates more than two lakh women attending the event. Seemingly, the plan is to court female voters and win their support regardless of political affiliation.BJP sources in Kerala say that well-known ladies from different fields will be there.The event is anticipated to be attended by ASHA employees, Anganwadi workers, MGNREGA workers, business owners, and social activists.

The BJP protested in Thrissur yesterday against the taking down of banners and flex boards commemorating the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the interim, Modi will dedicate and inaugurate the country and lay the cornerstone for several development projects in Tamil Nadu that will cost over Rs 19,850 crore.