No strategy for BTR during Congress’s tenure: Pramod Boro

Pramod Boro, the Chief Executive Member of the Bodoland Territorial Region in Assam, has criticised the previous Congress government for lacking a strategic plan for the region.
No strategy for BTR during Congress’s tenure: Pramod Boro

The Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), Assam, Pramod Boro, criticized the previous Congress government in the state, claiming that there was no strategy for the area during their time.

Boro made notable appearance at the "Meet the Press" program conducted at the Press Club of India (PCI) Saturday. The event was hosted by the North East Media Forum (NEMF). Boro’S  address covered a broad spectrum of topics, highlighting the challenges and future aspirations for the BTR, the  2024 Lok Sabha elections, and the ongoing situation in Manipur.

 In a critique directed at the previous Congress administration in Assam, Boro remarked, “Because of the instability (in BTR) for a long time there was no development. The previous government did not have any plan for the region (BTR).” He emphasized the positive changes since the BJP assumed power, stating, “We are working together under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanata Biswa Sarma. He has a good vision. We need to develop the region.”

The United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL), which Boro leads, is part of the BJP-led coalition government in Assam. Reflecting on the region’s economic challenges, Boro said, “Economic and livelihood is a big challenge in our region. We are trying to skill our youths so that they can become entrepreneurs.” He also stressed the importance of education as a central focus of his administration.

Addressing the sensitive issue of Manipur, Boro urged for thoughtful consideration and reconciliation, saying, “It is a very sensitive issue. I request every community to rethink. Still we have time for reconciliation.” The event underscored Boro’s commitment to fostering development, stability, and peace in the BTR while addressing broader regional concerns.

Boro highlighted improvements in the law and order situation within BTR, noting the peaceful conduct of recent elections: “This is the first election (Lok Sabha) after three to four decades, where there was no bloodshed. This time for the first time, the people voted without any fear.”