Lok Sabha Speaker election: All you need to know

The election for Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha is set for June 26, two days after the first session begins.
Lok Sabha Speaker election: All you need to know

All eyes on the BJP. INDIA bloc reaches out to TDP, JD(U) for hot post. The election for Lok Sabha Speaker, which is planned for June 26 following the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, has sparked speculation. With the Lok Sabha Speaker's election approaching, all eyes are on the prized position of 'Speaker', creating extensive conjecture over who will take over the coveted function next.The election for Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha is slated for June 26, two days after the first session starts.

The INDIA group of the Opposition highlighted that the Lok Sabha Speaker's job should be given to the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partners, the Janata Dal (United) and the Telugu Desam Party. With 240 Lok Sabha seats, the BJP fell 32 seats shy of a majority. N. Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar, who won 16 and 12 Lok Sabha seats, respectively, emerged as key actors in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's third cabinet, serving as 'kingmakers'. According to Aaj Tak, the NDA alliance planned to meet at the residence of Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, where BJP Chief JP Nadda will also be present. According to the report, the conference, which took place ahead of the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, addressed strategies for gaining support from various opposition groups for the NDA's candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The INDIA group has expressed considerable interest in the Speaker's office after a ten-year hiatus, signaling that they are prepared to exert pressure if they are not appointed Deputy Speaker. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has stated that the TDP and JD(U) should resolve that the Lok Sabha Speaker should come from one of their parties since it is in the "interest of the Constitution and democracy." Meanwhile, Shiv Sena (UBT) chairman Sanjay Raut stated on Sunday that all opposition INDIA bloc allies will work to assure support for the ruling TDP if it fields a candidate for Lok Sabha speaker, according to PTI.

"We have seen that the BJP betrays those who support it," Sanjay Raut stated. "I hear the TDP intends to field a candidate. If that occurs, the INDIA bloc partners will debate the matter and work to guarantee that all INDIA alliance partners back the TDP," he stated. While TDP national spokesperson Pattabhi Ram Kommareddy informed The Indian Express that the candidate must be picked jointly by NDA partners, JD(U) leader KC Tyagi has stated that his party will support the BJP's nominee, indicating discontent among NDA members.

"Whatever option the BJP chooses, we would back it," JD(U) national general secretary K C Tyagi told The Indian Express, adding, "It is customary for the largest party in the ruling coalition to make a call on the Speaker. TDP MP GMC Balayogi served as Speaker of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee administration from 1998 to 1999, which was led by the BJP-led NDA coalition of 19 parties. Following the withdrawal of support by the AIADMK led by J Jayalalithaa, the government faced a trust vote in 1999, thirteen months after taking power. Despite efforts to maintain support, the government lost the vote by a single vote. Speaker Balayogi permitted Odisha's Chief Minister Giridhar Gamang, who had recently become an MP while serving as CM, to vote, contributing to the government's defeat. "Those referring to 1998-1999 must recognize that there were twelve parties in that government. That is not the situation here," Tyagi explained to the Indian Express.