Kallakurichi Hooch disaster in Tamil Nadu

Kallakurichi Hooch disaster in Tamil Nadu

AIADMK Leader K. Palaniswami calls for the resignation of CM Stalin; members of the AIADMK were expelled from the TN Assembly for breaking house rules

"AIADMK members' eviction revoked," Palaniswami calls for the resignation of CM Stalin During Question Hour, members of the AIADMK were expelled from the Tamil Nadu Assembly for breaking house rules. But Chief Minister M K Stalin immediately appealed to the Speaker, and soon after, the decision was reversed. The opposition's leader, K Palaniswami, had earlier stated that the party had requested to bring up the Kallakurichi hooch catastrophe, which had claimed the lives of "50 people," but had been refused permission. The eviction, in his words, was a "murder of democracy." It was against House norms, according to Speaker M. Appavu, that the AIADMK members wanted to bring up a topic during Question Hour, as PTI reported. He clarified, "Members were free to raise matters during the Zero Hour, only after Question Hour was over."

The Speaker declared that the opposition party lawmakers could not attend the sessions for the day because the AIADMK members were not going to back down on their demands. The Kallakurichi hooch disaster was later discussed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin in the State Assembly. Stalin declared, "In Kallakurichi, 47 individuals perished after consuming methanol combined with toxic illegal whiskey on June 19, the day before yesterday. It hurts. The district collector for Kallakurichi has been moved. The suspension of Kallakurichi SP has been implemented. A number of other police officers were suspended as well. CBCID has been assigned the case. We are successfully implementing all necessary steps to combat the drug problem, which has the greatest impact on coming generations. Palaniswami spoke to the media outside the House and brought attention to the tragedy of the Kallakurichi hooch. President of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, called the CB-CID investigation a "sham" and pushed the chief minister to accept accountability.

"I think the state government's announcement of the CB-CID probe is merely eyewashing. The Chief Minister needs to accept accountability. It is necessary to fire Ministers S. Muthusamy and E. V. Velu. There needs to be an urgent arrest of two MLAs in this area. Due to his experience in the illegal liquor trade, Sankarapuram MLA Udayasuriyan protects those engaged in such activity. Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, the president of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), called the CB-CID investigation "an eyewash" and pushed the chief minister to accept accountability.

"This is a terrible setback for the state of Tamil Nadu. It's quite unfortunate for the Tamil Nadu government in particular. Although it is well known that illegal alcohol is sold in this neighborhood, nothing was done about it. How will the officials who did not take action to stop the illegal alcohol be punished? Subsequently, Speaker Appavu dutifully granted Chief Minister Stalin's request to permit the leading opposition members to take part in the proceedings. He asked the MLAs for the AIADMK to come back to the Assembly. MLAs from the opposition parties, including the former chief minister Palaniswami, protested by showing up to the Assembly in black shirts.