Can Priyanka make her debut as Rahul leaves Wayanad?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi retained his Rae Bareli seat leaving the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat to his sister Priyanka Gandhi. Find out details by continue reading…
Can Priyanka make her debut as Rahul leaves Wayanad?

The leader of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, would leave the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat and keep his seat from Rae Bareli, according to an announcement on Monday made by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. In addition, Kharge declared that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the general secretary of the Congress, will run for the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat, which her brother left empty. This will be Vadra's first election.

Following the release of the Lok Sabha results on June 4, Rahul Gandhi was required to relinquish one of the seats after winning both the Wayanad and Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituencies. After the news, Rahul Gandhi declared that he and his sister would give Wayanad's residents two MPs in effect and that his doors were always open to them.

"Priyanka Gandhi is running for the position, and I have no doubts about her ability to win. My sister and I are the two members of Parliament that the people of Wayanad may believe they have. I adore each and every person in Wayanad, and my doors are always open for them," Rahul stated.

 In response to the news, Priyanka Gandhi stated that she would make sure Wayanad did not notice Rahul's leaving and that her unbreakable bond with Amethi and Rae Bareli would persist.

Now, it would be interesting to watch if Priyanka can carry on the family tradition and make her MP debut, or if voters and time will make her to wait an additional few years.