Before 400 paar, BJP experienced 40 paar in Arunachal

Out of the 60 seats in the Arunachal Assembly, the BJP secured a landslide victory on Sunday, capturing 46 seats. Read more for further information.
Before 400 paar, BJP experienced 40 paar in Arunachal

In Arunachal Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 46 seats in the 60-member Assembly on Sunday, guaranteeing the party's third straight term in office. Over its 2019 total, it also added four more seats. In the Assembly elections that were counted during the day, the BJP wiped out the opposition parties.

The NPP (5), NCP (3), and PPA (2) have more seats than the Congress, which is now ranked fifth with just one seat. There were three seats won by independent candidates.

 According to Chief Minister Pema Khandu, the momentum from the events that took place in the "Land of the Rising sun," as Arunachal Pradesh is known, will spread to other parts of the country on June 4, when the counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections will be held.

Both the BJP and the state of Arunachal Pradesh are experiencing a historic moment. Arunachal Pradesh's populace has made it clear that they intend for the BJP to hold onto power for the ensuing five years. The mandate is more expansive this time around than it was in 2019. The BJP won 41 seats in the 2019 Assembly elections; this time, we won 46 seats, CM Khandu told the journalists.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh were also congratulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on their overwhelming victory.

However, in the constituencies of Tawang, Liomba, Pasighat (East), Mariang, and Longding-Pumao, the opposition NPP candidates triumphed. Candidates from the People's Party of Arunachal Pradesh (PPA) won in the constituencies of Daimukh and Meb, while the NCP won Bordumsa-Diyun, Lekang, and Yachuli. It is important to note that ten BJP candidates had won without facing any opposition prior to the elections.