Assam CM asks ministers, MLAs, govt employees to pay power bills

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Ends VIP Culture: Ministers and Public Servants to Pay Their Own Electricity Bills
Assam CM asks ministers, MLAs, govt employees to pay power bills

In a significant move to dismantle VIP culture in Assam, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced that starting from July 1, all ministers, MLAs, and government employees residing in government quarters will be required to pay their electricity bills. This decision marks a departure from the longstanding practice of using taxpayer money to cover these expenses.

Sarma emphasized that he himself would lead by example, promptly settling his own power bills. The move aims to foster accountability and financial responsibility among public servants. The Chief Minister took to social media, declaring, “We are ending the #VIPCulture rule of paying electricity bills of government officials using taxpayer money.”

The state government’s commitment extends beyond mere billing adjustments. Assam is actively working to reduce the cost of electricity for citizens. By April next year, the rate per unit will decrease by ₹1, benefiting those from lower income groups. An additional reduction of 50 paise per unit is planned for the following year.

As part of its energy-saving initiatives, the Assam government has also implemented an auto-disconnection policy for electricity in all government offices after 8 pm. This measure, already in effect across 8,000 government offices and schools in the state, aims to conserve energy resources.

The move signifies a shift towards greater transparency, fiscal prudence, and equitable access to essential services. By encouraging public servants to bear their own electricity costs, Assam takes a decisive step away from VIP privileges and towards a more accountable governance model.