Luxury Lips - Top 5 Lipstick Brands in the World

Make sure you choose high-quality lipsticks with vibrant colors
Luxury Lips - Top 5 Lipstick Brands in the World

There is a wide array of lip care products on the market, so choosing the right lipstick brand is often a challenge. Today we list the top 5 lipstick brands in the world, to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

1. Chanel

Chanel is one of the biggest makeup brands in the world. Chanel launched in 1924 and has consistently been at the top of its game since then. There is no doubt that Chanel has a huge following. Chanel lipsticks are no exception to this strong product line. With the company being valued at around $13.2 Billion. Some of its popular lipsticks consist of Luminous Matte Lip Colour Tri Set, Rouge Coco Bloom, Rouge Allure Laque Liquid.


From the dream of France, DIOR lives up to the style and allure of one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. It is also one of the best lipstick brands in the world. Valued at around $68.75 Billion.  You can choose from 10 colors, and it costs $30. Another popular lipstick model from DIOR is the Rouse DIOR Liquid Lip Stain. It is an absolute fan favorite and costs around $40 with over 15 different shades and 3 different finishes, matte, metallic and satin. 

Just a second after application, the lip color becomes like a tattoo but you’ll need a waterproof makeup remover to remove it. 

3. Giorgio Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty has held the ranks over 20 years as the industry leader. Armani Beauty lipsticks are many-sided, and they all have very different textures and formulas. 

Armani has a strong R&D team responsible for its lipsticks being of high quality; it's more special in them. Several shades glide on effortlessly and leave a lasting color without smudging or fading and these two traits in Lipstick we never get bored of. Some of most famous lipsticks are Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick, Rouge D’Armani Matte Lipstick, Ecstasy Shine Lipstick, Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick.

4. MAC Cosmetics

MAC is one of the most popular lipstick brands in the world, with a global distribution. MAC is currently valued at $6.3 Billion and was founded in 1984, in Canada. 

Being one of the brightest reds in the lipstick market, it appeals to all skin tones and is extremely long-lasting. The most popular is the “Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo”. Some notable lipsticks by MAC are MAC Matte Lipsticks (one of the best selling lipsticks in the world), Viva Glam Lipstick, Powder Kiss Lipstick, and Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid.

5. Fenty Beauty

The brand strongly follows Rihanna’s motto ‘Makeup should never like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform.’ Fenty Beauty is a brand owned by the popular music star, Rihanna. 

Fenty’s lipsticks are made to focus on delivering the best color to skin tones. The lipsticks sell out almost immediately when they are released. Not only are these lipsticks affordable, they also appeal to every fashion lover. The Mattemoiselle Plush Matte is one of the best-selling lipsticks in the industry.

Choose your lipstick which sticks to your desires and rule your own world as Marilyn Monroe said - “Give a girl the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”.