Book Review: Never belittle love

The speaker encourages not to belittle love, regardless of its origin, and to be more humble, nicer, and kinder in your words and actions.
Book Review: Never belittle love


The novel revolves around a girl named Ankita in her 20s ,who has a past haunting her like a nightmare . She wades through a different situation ,engages in affairs with a couple of people ,and faces a set back from her parents as they refuse to accept her situation .Because of non-stop ups and downs in her life ,Ankita's life turn into oblivion .


Ankita’s character symbolizes the modern woman of today ,a bright and ambitious young girl who is determined and resilient girl and never gives up on her dreams .She has many friends and becomes popular in college.

Abhi’s character is shown as a charming and charismatic young man who sweeps Ankita off her feet .However ,he is also troubled by his own demons and actions of his character become a major turning point in Ankita ‘s life .

Vaibhav who is Ankita’s childhood friend is a kind ,gentle man. The author has gone under the skin of main characters  to bring the many facets of their behavior and emotion on the surface.


This book start as a love story but later on develops into something much deeper and more realistic with accurate descriptions of how the character falls into oblivion .Writing is simple and author has done a great job expressing the inner feelings of the girl.

The Author attempts to give a voice to people who faces dreadful situations ,are often not understood and do not get the support they need from their near and dear ones.


Ending is followed by a period of redemption ,as Ankita learns to manage her condition and live a full and happy life ,with realization that she can achieve her dreams . This book ends on a hopeful note.

My thoughts

This book is for everyone. It talks about the genuine feelings of a human being, a break down because of our own ‘KARMA ‘.

It is a perspective changing and an inspiring tale that will leave you feeling more confident and more determined to make your life the way you want it.