What students can gain from Macron's "Classes Internationales"?

Students can study French for a year beginning in September 2024, after which they can continue with their chosen course of study. Interested students can register at classesinternationales.org.
What students can gain from Macron's "Classes Internationales"?

By March 31st, interested students can register at classesinternationales.org. All Indian students are eligible for the program, but they must be exceptionally talented academically. At the conclusion of Classes Internationales, scholarships will also be given to pupils. Currently, the QS Ranking includes up to 35 French universities, whereas the Times Higher Education Ranking includes about 15 of them.

You spend a semester or an academic year at Classes Internationales, attending a school that gets you ready for entrance to an engineering, management, or university to continue your French studies. According to the official website, "You'll be greeted by a full team, along with other international students, Indians, and people of all nationalities, to support your progress in learning French."

Macron stated that France plans to set up international courses that will let students enroll in its colleges even if they have never studied French before during his most recent trip to India. He had also promised that former Indian students who had studied in France would have an easier time applying for visas.

Additionally, Macron had announced his intention to bring 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030. In 2030, he shared a message on the microblogging platform X that stated, "30,000 Indian students in France." Although that's a really lofty goal, I'm committed to achieving it.