US National Security Advisor to Visit India for Indo-Pacific Talks

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to Visit India to Discuss Indo-Pacific Region and Technology Cooperation
US National Security Advisor to Visit India for Indo-Pacific Talks

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is scheduled to visit India next week to discuss various aspects of the Indo-Pacific region, explore opportunities for technology cooperation, and engage with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval and other officials to further strengthen the US-India relationship.

Sullivan's visit aims to address several key areas of mutual interest between the two countries, including discussions on the Indo-Pacific region and exploring avenues for enhancing technology cooperation. This visit is particularly significant as it follows the postponement of the annual review meeting for the initiative on critical and emerging technologies (iCET) earlier due to scheduling conflicts.

The visit also comes in the wake of Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra's recent trip to the US, where he held discussions with senior officials and industry leaders to advance bilateral cooperation, particularly in defence and technology sectors.

During his visit, Sullivan is expected to engage in discussions to celebrate the positive elements of the bilateral relationship between the US and India, exchange views on the Indo-Pacific region, and explore opportunities for further collaboration in technology-related fields. While the specific date of his visit has not been announced yet, a senior official from the White House administration highlighted the importance of strengthening the US-India relationship across various domains.

In a background press call previewing the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to the US, the senior administration official emphasized the significance of the US-India relationship, particularly in the context of the Indo-Pacific region and key technological advancements. The official expressed confidence in the positive trajectory of the US-India relationship, noting increased cooperation across security, intelligence, technology, and people-to-people exchanges.

Overall, Sullivan's upcoming visit underscores the growing importance of the US-India partnership and highlights the commitment of both countries to deepen their engagement and collaboration on regional and global issues.