Terrorist Attack in Moscow leaves 110 dead

Police in Russia's Bryansk region have arrested 11 suspects following a high-speed chase, including all four terrorists responsible for a deadly attack.
Terrorist Attack in Moscow leaves 110 dead

The incident occurred at a concert hall in Moscow, where gunmen opened fire, resulting in the deaths of at least 115 people and injuring around 145 others, as per Russian authorities. This updated count is significantly higher than the initial report of 40 casualties.

According to the Russian security agency, the attackers had connections in Ukraine and were attempting to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border after the attack. Ukraine's presidency denied any involvement in the incident, labeling it as a Russian "provocation" orchestrated by Moscow's special services.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that its fighters targeted a large gathering on the outskirts of Moscow before safely retreating to their bases.

During the assault, the attackers, dressed in camouflage uniforms, entered the concert hall, firing weapons and throwing grenades or incendiary bombs. Videos circulating online showed scenes of flames and black smoke billowing from the venue. Firefighters, aided by three helicopters, worked to extinguish the blaze that engulfed the large concert hall.

Witnesses recounted how attendees sought refuge behind seats or fled to the basement or roof to evade the gunfire. Despite the chaos, emergency responders managed to contain the fire shortly after midnight.

The international community swiftly condemned the attack, with the European Union, France, Spain, and Italy expressing solidarity with Russia. The United States labeled the incident as "terrible," noting that there was no immediate evidence linking it to the conflict in Ukraine.

Prior to the attack, the US embassy in Moscow had issued a warning about the risk of "extremists" targeting mass gatherings, including concerts, in the city.

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured victims. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova conveyed Putin's gratitude to the medical personnel treating the casualties.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced the terror attack, offering condolences to the families of the victims and expressing solidarity with the Russian government and people during this challenging time. He shared his sentiments on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.