Rajnath Singh discusses Defense Cooperation with US counterpart

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin had a phone call on Monday. They talked about many issues related to defence and security between the two countries.
Rajnath Singh discusses Defense Cooperation with US counterpart
Vijay Kumar DPR[Photo Div] MOD.

The leaders discussed recent events like the INDUS-X Summit that happened in New Delhi in February 2024. They also talked about a joint military exercise called 'Tiger Triumph' that started in India on March 18, 2024.

Lloyd Austin praised the Indian Navy for its work against piracy in the Indian Ocean. They talked about ways to follow the India-US Defence Cooperation Roadmap that they agreed upon last year. They also briefly talked about how Indian shipyards can help repair US naval ships.

The last time they met in person was during the India-US Ministerial 2+2 Dialogue in November 2023 in New Delhi.

India and the United States are having a joint military exercise called 'Tiger Triumph 2024.' It started on Monday and will go on until March 31. The purpose of this exercise is to improve how well both countries' military forces work together during disasters. It's happening on the Eastern Seaboard.

This exercise aims to make sure that both countries' military forces can quickly and smoothly work together during disasters. The US will have its navy ships and troops from the US Marine Corps and US Army participating.

Soldiers from both navies will also visit each other's ships, share knowledge, take part in sports, and socialize during the exercise.