PC's Former NYC Restaurant SONA to Close After Three Years

Sona, known for celebrity diners and unique dishes, closes with a final brunch on June 30.
PC's Former NYC Restaurant SONA to Close After Three Years

Priyanka Chopra's former restaurant, Sona, in New York, will close its doors, with its final brunch service on June 30. Known for its modern take on Indian cuisine, Sona announced the closure via Instagram on June 19, almost a year after Priyanka ended her partnership with the establishment.

The restaurant's statement expressed immense gratitude for its patrons, marking the end of a remarkable three-year journey. The restaurant opened three years ago with an Indian puja ceremony attended by Priyanka and her husband, Nick Jonas. Sona, meaning 'gold' in Hindi, got its name after a suggestion from Nick Jonas. Frequented by celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Anupam Kher, Vicky Kaushal, and Katrina Kaif, Sona offered dishes such as Kerala roast chicken, pumpkin kofta, and paneer lababdar, along with eclectic cocktails.

Co-founded by Priyanka Chopra and Maneesh Goyal, Sona became a hotspot for its beautifully plated meals and unique offerings like vodka pani puri. Despite ending her partnership, Priyanka's influence remained integral to Sona, with Goyal affirming her continued connection to the restaurant. The reason for the closure remains undisclosed.

Priyanka's representatives noted that bringing Sona to life was a significant career milestone for her, emphasizing her efforts to showcase Indian culture. Maneesh Goyal expressed gratitude for Priyanka's partnership, acknowledging the dream-come-true collaboration.

Currently, Priyanka is filming "The Bluff" and frequently shares updates from the set on her social media. The closure of Sona marks the end of an era for the celebrated restaurant.