Kangana Ranaut Responds to Annu Kapoor's CISF Remark

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Kangana Ranaut Responds to Annu Kapoor's CISF Remark

Actress Kangana Ranaut responded to Annu Kapoor's recent comments regarding her slap incident. Taking to Instagram Stories on Friday night, Kangana shared a video clip of Annu Kapoor from a press conference where he discussed her. Annu Kapoor, currently engaged in promotions for his film "Hamare Baarah," was asked about Kangana and her recent encounter. Responding to queries about her, he remarked, "Who is this Kangana ji? Please tell me, who is she? Obviously, if you are asking, she must be a very big heroine? Is she beautiful?"

In reaction to Annu Kapoor's statements, Kangana posed a question to her followers, asking if they agreed with his observation that society tends to resent successful women, especially if they are beautiful and powerful. She wrote, "Do you agree with Annu Kapoor's perspective that people often resent successful women, particularly if they are beautiful, and even more so if they wield power? Is this accurate?

Annu Kapoor further commented on Kangana's political career, acknowledging her recent election as a Member of Parliament from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. He remarked, "Oh, so she has become that too! Now she has become very powerful."

Regarding Kangana's allegation of being slapped by a CISF constable named Kulwinder Kaur at the Chandigarh International Airport, Kangana stated that the incident occurred after her victory in the Lok Sabha elections. She claimed that the slap was in response to her comments on Khalistan, for which an FIR was filed against Kulwinder Kaur.

The incident has sparked debates on social media about gender biases and attitudes towards successful women in the industry and politics.