Jitendra Choudhary sworn as Tripura's new leader of opposition

Jitendra Chaudhary, the Tripura CPM secretary, has taken on the role of Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly. This comes after the TIPRA Motha joined the BJP-led government
Jitendra Choudhary sworn as Tripura's new leader of opposition

Chaudhary, who served as a minister in the Left Front government until 2013 and as a Lok Sabha MP until 2018, has now been sworn in as the opposition leader.

In a subtle jab at his predecessor Animesh Debbarma from TIPRA Motha, whom the CPM accused of aiding the BJP's return to power, Chaudhary remarked that he effectively acted as the opposition leader, even though not officially recognized as such. He highlighted his efforts in representing the opposition's interests, including raising issues against the government's policies detrimental to the people, surpassing the previous leader's efforts.

Debbarma, who is now a minister in charge of forests, general administration, and science and technology, previously served as the Leader of the Opposition. However, with TIPRA Motha's transition to the government, the CPM, with its 10 MLAs, now holds the principal opposition status.

Chaudhary expressed his commitment to supporting any pro-people policies of the government. Drawing on his extensive experience in the Assembly and Parliament, spanning nearly two decades, he pledged to advocate for the people's interests both within and outside the Assembly. He also acknowledged the contributions of past opposition leaders and expressed his intention to build on their initiatives for the welfare of the people.