Israel on high alert as potential Iranian attack looms

Israel braces for potential Iranian attack amid rising tensions in the region
Israel on high alert as potential Iranian attack looms

Israel is preparing for a possible attack from Iran after a senior officer in Iran's embassy in Damascus was killed last week. Intelligence reports from the US and other countries suggest that Iran could retaliate as early as Sunday. This attack could lead to a larger war in the region.

US President Joe Biden has warned Israel to expect an attack from Iran soon but has also cautioned Iran against taking such action. Biden stated, "I don't want to get into secure information, but my expectation is sooner than later," during a press conference. When asked about his message to Iran regarding striking Israel, Biden simply said, "Don't."

Reports from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg suggest that an assault from Iranian soil is one of the main scenarios anticipated by Israel and its allies. According to these reports, a drone and missile bombardment could occur within the next 24 hours, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Any potential Iranian attack on Israel is likely to involve a combination of missiles and drones, according to a recent Defense Intelligence Agency assessment. The assessment highlights Iran's substantial inventory of ballistic and cruise missiles capable of striking targets up to 2,000 kilometers away.

To protect Israel and US forces in the region, the US has deployed additional military assets. Two Navy destroyers, including the USS Carney, have been moved to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, diplomatic efforts have been intensified to ease tensions in the region. US officials are communicating with Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other governments through various channels.

General Michael Kurilla, head of US Central Command, has been sent to Israel for urgent talks on the threat from Iran. The situation escalated after an Israeli airstrike targeted the Iran consulate in Damascus, resulting in casualties, including two generals. Iran responded by stating its readiness for war and its intention to retaliate against Israel.

Since then, Israel has been on high alert, canceling leave for combat troops, mobilizing reserves, and strengthening air defenses. Tel Aviv's military even disrupted navigational signals on Thursday to thwart potential GPS-guided drone or missile attacks.