Foreign Diplomats Celebrate Yoga Day : India's Global Gift

EAM S. Jaishankar and foreign diplomats practiced yoga together.
Foreign Diplomats Celebrate Yoga Day : India's Global Gift

Foreign Diplomats Celebrate Yoga Day: India's Global Gift Summary- EAM S. Jaishankar and foreign diplomats practiced yoga together. Foreign diplomats in India celebrated the 10th International Yoga Day with External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and senior officials from the Ministry of External Affairs. The event highlighted yoga as a significant gift from India to the world.

Lindy Cameron, the UK High Commissioner to India, expressed her joy at participating in the event. She expressed her delight at being in Delhi for International Yoga Day, practicing yoga with EAM Jai shankar, and highlighted yoga as a true gift from India.

Christina Scott, the British Deputy High Commissioner, emphasized the privilege of joining the yoga session and hearing Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak from Srinagar. "We greatly appreciate yoga at the British High Commission. It's a gift from India to the world, and it has been a genuine pleasure to participate here today," she remarked.

Norway's ambassador to India, May-Elin Stener, reflected on witnessing the United Nations General Assembly's vote to create International Yoga Day in 2014. She said, "I love yoga. This practice was very good. I discovered new insights about breathing during Yoga Day.

Shombi Sharp, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in India, praised the celebration as a way to promote harmony and peace. He commented, "This event is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the harmony between individual spirit and community."

Jaishankar, who performed yoga with the diplomats, noted that yoga has been a great bonding point for different cultures. He shared his happiness at seeing so many diplomats and colleagues join the session, emphasizing the global enthusiasm for yoga.

This year's theme, "Yoga for Self and Society," underscores yoga's role in promoting individual well-being and societal harmony. Celebrations took place worldwide, with diplomatic missions and Indian embassies organizing yoga sessions to highlight its importance.