"Don't politicize Manipur issue" PM's message to opposition

On Wednesday, PM Modi slammed the opposition for politicizing Manipur issue. He also added that the central government is doing everything for establishing peace by ending the ethnic war in the state.
"Don't politicize Manipur issue" PM's message to opposition

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his motion of thanks on President's address in the Rajya Sabha clashed with the Congress over Manipur issue.

Giving a head strong response to the opposition in the Parliament, the PM mentioned that the amount of development done by the BJP in the northeastern region in the last 5 years would have taken 20 years for Congress to do so.

The PM reminded the Congress party that "those who know the history of Manipur, they know there's a long history of social conflict in Manipur. No one can deny that the root of this social conflict is very deep. Congress people should not forget, President's rule had to be imposed 10 times in such a small state. There must have been a reason. It didn't happen under our government,"

He further added that the central government and state government is talking to each and every stakeholder to restore peace. He said that Home Minister Amit Shah stayed in Manipur for many days.

PM Narendra Modi added that "We should all rise above politics and work towards normalcy in Manipur. I want to warn those who are trying to fuel the fire there: they will be rejected by Manipur,”

The ethnic violence between Kukis and Meitis in Manipur began in May 2023 over inclusion in Scheduled Tribes category.