Court dismisses petition to suspend Coimbatore election results

Thousands of voters belonging to the area have been deleted and had complained to the Election Commission.
Court dismisses petition to suspend Coimbatore election results

Annamalai, the President of the BJP in Tamil Nadu, said that the names of one lakh voters were missing from the Coimbatore parliamentary seat. Also, an organization that could help him protested in Coimbatore.

Following this Swathi Kannan, a resident of Nanjundapuram in Coimbatore who is currently working in Australia, has filed a petition at Madras High Court. In that plea, he stated that he had come to Coimbatore from Australia to vote in the Lok Sabha elections, only to discover that his and his wife's names had been erased from the voter list.

While voting in the 2019 Lok Sabha election and the 2021 assembly election, his and his wife's names were removed, and his daughter, who lives at the same home, was added to the list. Similarly, he learned that the names of thousands of voters in their region had been removed. He complained to the Election Commission by email on the 15th, but no action was done. As a result, he urged that the voters who had been removed from the list be reinstated and permitted to vote, and that the publishing of the results of the Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency be prohibited until then.

Swathi Kannan filed an appeal yesterday before a panel of Chief Justice Sanjay Ganga Poorwala and Justice Sathya Narayana Prasad requesting that the issue be heard as an urgent case. The case was heard by a bench consisting of Justices Sanjay Ganga Poorwala and G. Chandrasekaran. Niranjan, an advocate, appeared for the election commission.

According to him, the final voter list was released in February of last year. Advocate Niranjan noted that the petitioner has lived in Australia without residing in the constituency, and that the voter's name was erased at the 2021 assembly elections.

The judges then questioned why no complaint was lodged while the name was already missing from the draft voter list. They also wanted to know why Form 6 wasn't used. The judge dismissed the petition, stating that complaints should have been addressed when the draft voter list was released.