Bhutan PM urges India to help boost tourism in Bhutan

Bhutanese PM Tshering Tobgay is on a 5-day visit to India.
Bhutan PM urges India to help boost tourism in Bhutan

Bhutan's Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay visited India and encouraged Indian businesses to explore opportunities in Bhutan's tourism sector. He emphasized the strong relationship between the two countries and invited Indian investors to consider investing in Bhutan.

Speaking at the 'India-Bhutan Tourism: Expanding Horizons' dialogue organized by FICCI in Delhi, Tobgay expressed his desire for more Indian tourists to visit Bhutan. He highlighted the vast opportunities in Bhutan's travel and tourism industry, including setting up hotels, restaurants, and wellness centers. With 72% of Bhutan covered by forests, there is significant potential for eco-tourism ventures.

Tobgay mentioned that Indian tourists find it easy to visit Bhutan, as they only need to obtain a permit, which costs around Rs 1200. He anticipates a significant increase in Indian tourist arrivals to Bhutan, expecting around 1.50 lakh Indian visitors in 2024, more than double the number in 2023.

The Prime Minister also discussed the upcoming railway service between India and Bhutan, which will connect Kokrajhar in Assam to Gelephu in Sarpang, Bhutan. This railway link will provide a cost-effective means of transportation between the two countries.

Additionally, Tobgay mentioned the expected increase in the number of airlines flying to Bhutan in the coming years, as part of the agreement between India and Bhutan. He shared his positive experience of visiting India, describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his "older brother" and expressing his emotional connection to New Delhi.