Bengaluru Metro Staff masturbated in front of woman passenger

The incident, which occurred on the Jalahalli Metro station platform, has stirred the social media with many asking to take strict action against the accused.

A troubling incident occurred at the Jalahalli Metro station in Bengaluru, sparking outrage on social media. A video surfaced showing a security staff member engaging in inappropriate behavior, including touching his private parts and masturbating in front of passengers, especially targeting a woman traveler. The woman, distressed by the incident, shared her experience on social media and demanded accountability from the Bengaluru police.

She described the ordeal, stating that the security guard continuously stared at her and made suggestive gestures, causing her discomfort. Despite her attempts to confront him, he persisted in his behavior. The incident took place around 2:30 in the afternoon at the Jalahalli metro station.

The woman captured the incident on video and forwarded it to the Bengaluru metro authorities, urging them to take action against the perpetrator. However, she claimed that her complaints went unanswered by the metro authorities. Subsequently, the Bengaluru Police reached out to the woman, acknowledging the seriousness of the incident and launching an investigation.