Air India to avoid Iranian Airspace Amid Escalating Tensions

Air India and Lufthansa Avoid Iranian Airspace Amid Middle East Tensions
Air India to avoid Iranian Airspace Amid Escalating Tensions

Air India flights have started avoiding flying over Iran due to increased tensions in the Middle East. This decision comes after recent warnings of potential retaliation following an Israeli strike on Iran's embassy in Damascus earlier this month. As a result, Air India's flights bound for Europe may now take up to 45 minutes longer to reach their destinations.

However, flights to the Middle East will not be affected as they fly south of Iranian airspace. Lufthansa has also announced that its planes will no longer use Iranian airspace and has suspended flights to and from Tehran until Thursday, 18 April.

The tensions escalated after an Israeli airstrike hit the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, resulting in casualties, including two generals. Intelligence assessments suggest that retaliation from Iran could occur soon, potentially triggering a wider regional conflict.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has warned of consequences for Israel, while the Israeli military remains on high alert for possible attacks. Several countries, including India, France, and Russia, have advised their citizens against traveling to the region, which is already tense due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

With Iran considering the embassy strike as an attack on its territory, there is a real possibility of direct retaliation from Iran against Israel. US President Joe Biden has expressed support for Israel and warned Iran against attempting to strike Israel, emphasizing Washington's commitment to defending its ally.

The situation remains fluid, with concerns about further escalation and the potential for a wider conflict in the region. As tensions persist, airlines and governments are closely monitoring developments and taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of travelers and the stability of the region.