What caused Israel's troop withdrawal from Gaza?

Thousands of soldiers were returned from Gaza by the Israeli military. Read more…
What caused Israel's troop withdrawal from Gaza?

The Israeli military has brought back thousands of troops from Gaza. Israeli forces confirmed this on Monday. It is believed to pave the way for a new long term in the war against Hamas. This was confirmed on the same day that Benjamin Netanyahu's contentious judicial transition plan had a significant component struck down by the Israeli Supreme Court.

Even though the plan has nothing to do with the war effort, it has grown to be a major cause of internal conflict in Israel. Noteworthy is the fact that the war started after the October 7 Hamas attack, which put the military's promptness in jeopardy.

"On the other hand, the politicians warned against avoiding these divisions and not harming the national unity that prevailed in the Israel-Hamas war. But Netanyahu promised to continue the military offensive until Hamas was completely destroyed and hundreds of prisoners held captive by Hamas in Gaza were released.

But Israel is under severe international pressure to put an end to this aggressive approach. About 22,000 Palestinians have died in the attack. The Israeli army's announcement said five brigades, or several thousand troops, would be brought back from Gaza in the coming weeks.

Some of them will return to the base camp for further training or rest. On the other hand, many senior soldiers will return home.