US Singer Mary Millben Praises PM Modi For CAA

Renowned African-American singer Mary Millben recently took to social media to commend Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts in providing refuge to those facing persecution due to their faith.
US Singer Mary Millben Praises PM Modi For CAA

African-American singer Mary Millben urged the US State Department to acknowledge PM Modi's leadership and work towards strengthening diplomatic relations with India, especially if he is re-elected for a third term. She emphasized that the CAA reflects genuine democratic principles by safeguarding vulnerable communities and providing them with protection.

In a statement shared on social media, Millben said, "@StateDept, PM @narendramodi is demonstrating compassionate leadership towards those being persecuted for their faith and providing a home to them in India. A pathway to peace for Christians/Hindus/Sikhs/Jain/Buddhists seeking religious freedom. When the PM is reelected for a third term, aim to be a better democratic partner in tone. The Citizen Amendment Act is a true act of democracy."

However, the United States expressed concerns about the notification of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in India, stating that it is closely monitoring its implementation. The US State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, emphasized the importance of religious freedom and equal treatment under the law for all communities.

Despite this, Mary Millben reiterated her support for India's recent implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, describing it as a pathway towards peace and a genuine act of democracy. As a Christian and advocate for religious freedom, she commended PM Modi for granting Indian nationality to persecuted non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.