Trump warns of 'Bloodbath' if he's not elected as President

At a rally in Ohio, Donald Trump said that the upcoming November presidential election will be super important for the US. He thinks it will be a big deal and could change the course of history.
Trump warns of 'Bloodbath' if he's not elected as President

After becoming the likely Republican nominee, Trump talked about a "bloodbath" if he doesn't win. He didn't explain what he meant by that, but he said it while talking about the US auto industry facing threats.

Trump told the crowd in Vandalia, Ohio, that November 5th will be a crucial date. He kept saying that Joe Biden, the current president, is not doing a good job.

He criticized China's plans to make cars in Mexico and sell them to Americans. He said they won't be able to do that if he becomes president again.

Trump's comments got a lot of attention on social media. Biden's campaign responded by calling Trump a "loser" who wants political violence. They said he's still upset about losing the 2020 election.

Biden also spoke at a dinner in Washington. He said that freedom is in danger because of lies about the 2020 election and attempts to overturn it. He thinks it's the biggest threat to US democracy since the Civil War.