Trouble for Biden: House Democrats wants him to step aside

As per reports, House Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 US presidential election. Read more...
Trouble for Biden: House Democrats wants him to step aside

Warmer breezes are blowing over the US presidential election. In the meantime, CNN reported that a number of prominent House Democrats have urged President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 campaign due to their grave concerns about Biden's potential influence on the Democratic Party's chances in the next elections.

These opinions were voiced on Sunday at a political gathering hosted by House Minority Leader Hakim Jeffriz. The aim of the gathering was to ascertain the opinions of leaders and ranking members before to the members' return to Washington this week.

Sources claim that Biden's dominance in talks sparked worries about potential harm to the Democratic ticket and the likelihood of the party regaining a majority in the House. CNN noted that Jeffreys left open the question of whether Biden should be re-elected, leaving it up for discussion among attendees.

The appeal caused a major rift among House Democrats, with more members calling for Biden's resignation than supporting his candidacy. Prominent individuals who opposed Biden included Susan Wind, Jerry Nadler, Adam Smith, Jim Hymes, Joe Morrell, and Mark Tacano. Conversely, rumors circulated that Maxine Warts and Bobby Foote were endorsing Biden, who emphasized internal party leadership conflicts.

Throughout the almost two-hour call, one of the key issues brought up was the possibility that Biden would lose the opportunity to earn a majority in the House should he continue to run as a Democratic party candidate. Many participants think Vice President Kamala Harris is a potentially strong candidate and would prefer to follow her. House leaders had a private conversation, and a senior Democratic aide—who wished to remain anonymous—explained on CNN how intense the talks were.