The shifting of Trudeau's views on India

There have been recent improvements in Canada and India's relations. Read more...
The shifting of Trudeau's views on India

The bitter relationship between India and Canada in the recent seems to be heading for some cool. It is to be mentioned that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had alleged that Indian agents were likely to be involved in the killing of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar on September 18.

After that, relations between India and Canada were strained. Refuting the Canadian Prime Minister's allegations, India said that Prime Minister Trudeau's allegations were unreasonable and baseless. Since then the relationship which has deteriorated steadily seems to be likely to take a U-turn again.

 Trudeau told Canadian news conference on Wednesday that it is only through negotiation that all problems can be solved."We don't have the mentality to fight India at the moment. We want to work in peace and order through trade agreements. We want to do business in the Indo-Pacific. Canada believes in human rights, human safety and the rule of law and that's what we will do. "

It may be recalled that the Canadian Prime Minister made the remarks after the US levelled allegations against an Indian citizen that he had tried to kill a Sikh separatist leader on American soil.