Putin will be unstoppable if he wins in Ukraine, says Lloyd Austin

The United States Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, highlighted that Russia has incurred significant financial losses due to its aggression towards Ukraine.
Putin will be unstoppable if he wins in Ukraine, says Lloyd Austin

Austin stated that Russia has already wasted a staggering $211 billion, and the ongoing war is expected to cost Moscow a total of $1.3 trillion. Austin reaffirmed the United States' unwavering support for Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, emphasizing that if Vladimir Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will likely continue his aggressive actions elsewhere.

The 20th meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group was recently held at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where Austin reiterated Ukraine's determination to resist the Russian invasion. He commended the collaboration among "countries of conscience" that are aiding Ukraine in its struggle. During the meeting, attended by representatives from over 50 countries and organizations, efforts were made to provide assistance, training, and capabilities to Ukraine.

Austin praised the resilience and skill of Ukraine's forces, highlighting their defiance against Putin's aggression over the past two years. He noted that Russia has suffered significant casualties, with at least 315,000 Russian troops killed or wounded in the conflict. Austin emphasized the immense economic cost of the war for Russia, estimating that it has already wasted $211 billion and will lose an additional $1.3 trillion in anticipated economic growth through 2026.

The Secretary of Defence warned that Putin's ambitions extend beyond Ukraine and stressed the importance of international support for Ukraine's defense. He emphasized the need for innovative solutions and urgent provision of key capabilities to Ukraine, particularly in air defense, armor, and artillery ammunition. The United States recently announced an additional $300 million in security assistance for Ukraine, demonstrating its commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense efforts.

Austin expressed confidence in bipartisan support in Congress for continued funding of US aid to Ukraine, indicating a consensus for passing a supplemental bill for this purpose. The meeting also marked the first gathering of the capability coalition leadership group, which discussed progress and coordinated strategies for addressing various challenges related to the conflict.

Overall, the meeting underscored the international community's solidarity with Ukraine and its determination to support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression.