Journey of Uday Nagaraju

Journey of Uday Nagaraju: Telangana-born Techie to Contest UK Election
Journey of Uday Nagaraju

Uday Nagaraju, an IT professional from Telangana, gets ready for an electoral battle in the UK. He was recently announced as Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate from North Bedfordshire. Telangana-born computer engineer interested in AI, is aims to give voice to the community and challenges the Conservative bastion - North Bedfordshire, as an Labour's candidate.

Karimnagar to UK Politics:

Uday Nagaraju from Shanigaram of Koheda mandal of erstwhile Karimnagar district and he married a girl from erstwhile Warangal district. Now he is standing from North Bedfordshire for forth coming UK Parliament elections. The 55-year-old went to the UK to pursue MS. After a successful career in AI consulting, he is diving into a full-fledged political career as a contestant in the general elections in the UK, scheduled to be held in January 2025. However, Uday is not new to public service.

Visionary of AI Technology:

Uday Nagaraju is the son of Hanumantha Rao and Nirmala Devi of a middle class family. He had a tendency to struggle since childhood and grew up in steps. After completing his early education in Karimnagar district, Uday completed the rest of his schooling from Hyderabad. He studied engineering at KITS at Ramtek in Maharashtra and then left for the UK for higher studies.

Uday Nagaraju did his PG in Public Administration from the famous University College of London in Britain. He established a think-tank, AI Policy Labs realizing the impact of artificial intelligence on the world. He earned a good reputation as an international speaker and writer. Uday has a good grasp on field level issues. As a school governor, as a volunteer, and as a broad-based political activist, he gained a better understanding of the plight of the common people by going door-to-door for a decade.

Back-ground of North Bedfordshire Segment:

North Bedfordshire is a newly formed parliamentary constituency on the recommendation of the Boundary Commission. The famous survey firm Electoral Call has predicted that the Labour Party will win 68 percent of seats. As elections are already being held in India, elections will be held in Britain and America this year.

Uday Nagaraju is pitted against Richard Fuller from Conservative Party. The North Bedfordshire seat has traditionally been a bastion of the Conservatives. After he was selected as a candidate from Labour Party, Uday said - “Our towns and villages, like Biggleswade, Sandy and Potton have suffered under successive Conservative governments. We require an active MP who is accessible and prioritizes the interests of residents.”

Uday, who has seamlessly integrated technology into public service for years and worked at the grassroots level, said: “Only a Labour government can deliver the change that North Bedfordshire needs: getting the NHS back on its feet and taking back our streets to tackle crime and anti-social behavior.”