Focus on Safety and Support for Indian Students at US Universities

Despite safety concerns following recent student deaths, US remains the top choice for Indian students, with universities enhancing safety measures and support systems amid rising visa applications.
Focus on Safety and Support for Indian Students at US Universities

The United States remains the top choice for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad, with the US Embassy anticipating a rise in student visa applications in 2024. Last year, 140,000 student visas were issued to Indian students, who also formed the largest group of international graduate students in the US in 2023. However, recent deaths of Indian students in the US from various causes, such as accidents, suicides, overdoses, and homicides, have raised concerns among Indian parents.

US universities are addressing these safety concerns seriously. Nicole Holler, acting spokesperson of the US Embassy in Delhi, expressed deep sorrow over the tragic deaths and emphasized the commitment of US institutions to the safety and welfare of all students. She highlighted the ongoing efforts to build safe and inclusive communities for both American and international students.

Universities with a significant number of Indian students, such as the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and the University of Southern California (USC), are actively reassuring parents and students about their safety measures. Mark Daly, director of international affairs at UMKC, encouraged families to review the university’s public safety records and emphasized the support services available for international students, including those from India. Timothy Brunold, dean of admission at USC, reaffirmed the university’s dedication to creating a secure environment and providing comprehensive support through their international services office.

Adarsh Khandelwal, co-founder of Collegify, noted that the recent incidents have led Indian families to conduct thorough research on university safety measures and support systems before making decisions. The focus is increasingly on ensuring the well-being, mental health, and overall safety of students studying in the US.