After Ebrahim Raisi's passing, how is everything going?

Iran will hold new presidential elections at the end of June 2024. Read more about What's happening in the country after the death of Ebrahim Raisi?
After Ebrahim Raisi's passing, how is everything going?

Like in any other nation where a comparable incident had occurred, the news of President Ebrahim Raisi's passing on May 19, 2024, following a helicopter crash in Iran's East Azerbaijan region, came as a major shock to the world.

The government's and of top leader’s initial response was to reassure people that there would be no ramifications for the governance of the nation. In the interim until fresh presidential elections are held at the end of June 2024, Mohamed Mokhber, the first vice president, was named president.

It is to be noted that the initial report on the circumstances of the recent chopper crash that claimed the lives of the Iranian President and his companions were made public by the General Staff of Iran's Armed Forces.

After the accident, they stated, a high-level investigation team of experts, technicians, and specialists arrived at the scene.  According to the assessment, the helicopter stayed on its intended course the entire time and had not deviated from the flight path.

According to the report, minutes prior to the disaster, the pilot of the fallen helicopter had spoken with the pilots of the other two helicopters in the President's convoy. Furthermore, reports said that nothing of the kind, including gunshot residue, could be discovered among the debris of the wrecked chopper.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has pointed the finger at Western sanctions as a contributing factor in the death of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi, despite Iran's denials of any foul play in the helicopter crash.