A look at Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League's Poll Manifesto

Key highlights of the Poll Manifesto - Infrastructure development, freedom of press, universal health system, eradication of corruption and strengthening ties with India.
A look at Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League's Poll Manifesto

On Wednesday, Ruling Awami League launched its poll manifesto with PM Sheikh Hasina expecting a 4th prime-ministerial term in Bangladesh. The President of Awami League pledged to build a 'Smart Bangladesh' if elected to power in the January 7 general elections.

The Awami League has set 'Smart Bangladesh: Development is visible, now employment will enhance' as the theme of their party manifesto, setting 11 priorities. Sheikh Hasina has also pledged to modernize the healthcare sector and establish a universal health system.

The Manifesto mostly focusses on infrastructure development in the country, establish freedom of press and practice good governance while strengthening democratic values in state management. Among the 11 priorities, most importance has been laid to zero tolerance against corruption and terrorism.

The AL Manifesto also promises to eradicate bribery at all levels of administration and also introduce an health insurance scheme for its citizens.

In the 108-page election manifesto, the Awami League has also reiterated its commitment to strengthen ties with India. If elected to power again, the Sheikh Hasina government is continue the policies to cooperate with India in energy partnerships, equitable water sharing, and cross-border connectivity among others.

Currently, Bangladesh is experiencing a transitional period and is soon expected to join the ranks of developing countries and leave the list of least developed countries.