Bhagawanth Kesari Movie: Teaches Lesson on “Bad Touch”

Nadnamuri Bala Krishna’s Dasara Bonanja movie 'Bhagawanth Kesari'touches a very important social subject. A scene was included in the movie that a lead role describing about ‘Bad Touch & Good Touch”.
Bhagawanth Kesari Movie: Teaches Lesson on “Bad Touch”

Hero Nadnamuri Bala Krishna’s Dasara Bonanja movie “Bhagawanth Kesari” touches a very important social subject. A scene was included in the movie that a lead role describing about ‘Bad Touch & Good Touch”. We all know that incidents of atrocities on children happening daily. But most of the parents do not know how to protect their children from these dangers. Some parents know, but they are confused as to how to say this in front of children!

In the movie, the hero character Nelakonda Bhagwant Kesari fulfilled this responsibility well. He picked up a baby and went straight to school. He teaches the school kids about the “Bad Touch”, a wonderful lesson that teachers never tell students in simple language for children to understand.

Movie’s message is that girls should be encouraged to be self-reliant, and that our daughters should not be restricted to domestic life alone. Bala Krishna’s slogan in the film is “Banao Beti Ko Sher” (Turn Our Daughters Into Lionesses). This message is laudable.

In that particular scene in the movie, the hero explains things in a very simple way that kids can understand. He explains about how some touches, like a pat on the head or a hug, are nice and caring. But he also talks about touches that can hurt, and how it’s important for kids to tell someone if they experience such a touch. This way, Bhagawanth Kesari helps the kids feel strong and brave.

Gist of this “Bad Touch” lesson is that if someone lays his hand on girls’ body where it shouldn't be, that kid should immediately tell her mother.

This effort made through the medium of cinema is very useful to stop the brutality that is happening in the society. Film director Anil Ravipudi is appreciative of teaching this lesson of “Bad Touch” by a commercial hero like Bala Krishna.

A Teacher’s Video Reaches Millions:

Recently a private teacher also made a video on this subject. Her video has crossed borders, reaching a remarkable 2 million views, showing how powerful it is. Its popularity highlights how important it is to have this type of education, especially in places where not many people can easily get this important information.

She focuses on such point that - good touch & bad touch lesson should be taught by parents themselves. She also calls parents to do not wait for teachers to do so.

If we discuss in detail further:

  • Girls have to identify characteristics of a friend/relative/stranger or unknown males.

  • Girl Childs should now about the friendly touch.

  • Girls should aware and identify the intentions & know that how to respond to bad touches.

  • Girls should identify safe strangers and trusted adults who they can tell if someone has made them feel uncomfortable.

  • Parents have to teach their kids how to react & how to leave an uncomfortable situation.

  • Parents should detail their kids on difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

Difference of Touches:

  • Friendly touch - A touch between friends such as a high five, handshake or side hug.

  • Good touch – A helping touch by a trusted adult such as parent or teacher.

  • Bad touch – Any touch that makes you uncomfortable, includes someone touching your private body parts.

How to keep safe ourselves from the dangerous stranger:

  • Safe stranger – An adult who you can talk to if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Examples include: Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, or Tutor, Skill Trainer or Counselor.

  • Stranger – Someone you have not been introduced to by a trusted adult.

Bhagawanth Kesari or a Social Media Influencer… they teach everyone a very useful subject. This is the education what we need today. This lesson to be included our school curriculum and it is required as there is a chunk of India’s population which isn’t educated enough to teach it to their kids. So, it is a wonderful gesture from the Bhagawanth Kesari.