Noida International Airport to offer world-class lounge experience

Noida airport has partnered with TFS to offer multi-cuisine food outlets and a ‘world class’ lounge experience
Noida International Airport to offer world-class lounge experience

Noida International Airport (NIA) has teamed up with Travel Food Services Pvt. Ltd. (TFS) to make the upcoming airport's food scene better and create a top-notch lounge experience for passengers.

As part of this collaboration, TFS will set up and run various food outlets at the airport, including cafes, bars, restaurants, and franchises. These lounges will have interactive food stations where passengers can choose from a variety of buffet options, enjoy a cocktail bar, and even relax at a spa. There will also be a special luxury zone with exclusive amenities.

According to a statement from Noida airport, this partnership shows their dedication to providing passengers with a great travel experience.

Christoph Schnellmann, CEO of Noida International Airport, said, "Our collaboration with TFS reflects our commitment to offering excellent hospitality to passengers and improving their overall travel experience. This partnership is a big step forward in our goal to make Noida International Airport a great place for passengers. We want to make sure we offer something for everyone, tailored to their needs and preferences."

Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS, added, "We understand that Indian travelers have a diverse taste, so we've brought together a mix of international brands and local favorites to enhance the food options at NIA. We're excited to work closely with NIA to create lounges that reflect the spirit of the airport and provide top-notch service to passengers while they enjoy delicious food during their journey."