The fault in our stars

“That’s the thing about pain ,it demands to be felt “
The fault in our stars


The story moves around primarily Hazel ,who has given up hope on her life due cancer but life knocks on her door and Augustus come into her life who is a cancer survivor but he is courageous and full of life initially Hazel reluctant to get involved with him but they bond over her favorite book and finally fall for each other .


Hazel and Augustus both are teenagers .each characters has its own storyline and with detail description we reader can feel their emotions ,here  author developed personalities for both main characters .which brings laughter and sometimes little sadness and their acceptance of the disease that has taken over their lives is inspirational.


We readers already read /watched love stories but here author created the narrative around the fragility of life ,inevitable death without overwhelming the readers which is bit different and fresh the writing of author is exemplary which can easily draws readers into the world the main characters it is filled with moments of wit ,sarcasm and perfect balance of emotions ,which help readers to connect with the characters.


It is difficult to write about climax without spoiling the story ,I would just say that the way our main characters deals with the deteriorating health and their love its heart –wrenching and moving which leads to a memorable and impactful ending.

My musings

The story click with readers from the very beginning and we could predict the end but author managed to create a state of self –denial in readers mind that everything will be okay but it certainly did not happen .i believe most of the people have seen the movie based on this novel but I would recommend you to read this book to feel the emotions while imagining their world.