Some of the Healthy Coping mechanisms!!

There are things we can all do to cope with loneliness and prevent some of the negative feelings.  
Some of the Healthy Coping mechanisms!!

We have to be aware of working too hard or watching movies and shows simply as a distraction. These will only suppress your feelings and it could actually make your mental health worse.

Whether a person lives in isolation or not, feeling a lack of social connectedness can be painful. There's evidence that lonely individuals have a sort of negativity bias in evaluating social interactions. Lonely people pick up on signs of potential rejection more quickly than do others. Let's get to know some healthy coping mechanisms which help to cope up with our healthy lifestyle. 

Physical activity brings happy hormones
It may be morning exercise or evening stretches also. It can be as simple as having a walk in the park when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. We can also try to listen to music and do a bit of dancing around your living room. 

People you meet in your daily life matters
its simple act of seeing someone’s eye and saying “hi” as you walk along can make you feel better.  Smiling at people who we see daily in the office, shops etc.  Trying to connect with the people you meet as you go about your day can be helpful. It can be hard to talk to others when you’re feeling lonely. By doing all these little things – you might find you give someone else a positive lift too. 

Find those who get you
interacting with others that ‘get’ you can give you a sense of belonging that may be missing. It can be hard to connect with others when you’re feeling lonely. But there are great benefits in finding people who have been through similar experiences to you. 

Try to do some enjoyable things that will keep you busy

This might be a hobby such as gardening, going to the gym or rearranging kitchen cupboards, folding your clothes etc,. These are small activities that give you energy and positive feelings. 

 Lastly, if we see someone being lonely, be kind and try to listen and show understanding towards them. A great way to help a friend or family member is simply to listen and show them genuine understanding. Having an understanding and compassionate approach, and not ignoring the person’s experience, will help them to feel heard and understood. It’ll help them to open up easily and not be hard on themselves for being lonely.