Say Hi to these 6 Things - You might lead a healthy life

Growing older means maturing emotionally. And the part of being mature involves saying Hello to Healthy way of living! Say bye To old patterns that are holding you back from leading a healthy life.
Say Hi to these 6 Things - You might lead a healthy life

Wholesome Friendships 

As we grow, we tend to outgrow the friendships and get caught up in work, family responsibilities. But the way we have relationships with friends also can tell lots about us. We have to put ourselves out there and try. It’s a process of reaching out over and over again. Through friendship, we can self-select into some of the most affirming, safe, and sacred relationships of our lives.They make us feel whole, increase our ability to be empathic, and help us to figure out who we are. Whole friendship makes us lead a healthy and happy living.

NO to overcommitting

Overcommitting and accepting every project, every favor, every social gathering leaves us perpetually exhausted, under constant stress, and with no time for our own.

It may lead us  to miss out on valuable personal time and opportunities to pursue our passions. Being more selective about the commitments and learning to assess the bandwidth realistically and politely decline tasks or engagements when we are already at capacity. 

We may or we’ll worry about disappointing others and possibly missing out. But over time, we can  discover the benefits of having a more manageable schedule. By breaking the habit of overcommitting, we can control our time and our lives. It’ll for sure be very hard but trust me it's all worth it in the end.

One Step At a Time - try focusing on one task at a time

Multitasking is a scam, which distracts our view and shatters our thoughts to multiple things and leads us into confusion. Studies show that our brains aren’t as good at handling multiple tasks as we think.  We can multitask by identifying our most to least priority. And accordingly make your effort. In fact, trying to do several things at once can actually make us less efficient and more likely to make mistakes.

 Sip a Wine, don’t drink 

Of course big goals are overwhelming to think about the entire journey ahead. Here breaking our goals into smaller ones will help us take more manageable steps and make them less intimidating. 

For instance, if our goal is moving to another city while studying college, we can focus on completing exams without fail and save our money slowly and consistently. And searching for your next universities or work space while also learning to cook, travel. This approach makes your goals more achievable and allows you to track your progress.

Finding solutions is the solution 

Most people are famous for overthinking and complaining over and over. Complaining is like venting, which is totally normal but the twist is we are only venting and being pessimistic. Be real, not every decision in life needs to be flawless. This approach makes you feel more in control and helps you actively work on making things better. Personally I would suggest to trust our gut, make a first trial run, and learn from the results. If it's going well, it may have the best potential to make a full fledged move. It’s kind of like trial and error. We can figure out what works best as we go along, and that’s usually more practical than getting stuck in researching and analyzing.

 Taking the Duckn action

When we keep delaying our chances then how will we see what is great for us. Making excuses is often a defence mechanism to avoid confronting difficult things. Or at least the things we perceive as difficult. But How many days-months-years we are going to delay the things we want to do, just get into it and know whether it's working out or not.