Most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves

Finest quote by Pema Chodron from “When Things Fall Apart”
Most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves

We Humans crave safety and security and when we don’t have the answers; our minds will assume we are in danger. We might not have the words to describe it, but we could feel it in our body.

Uncertainty!! What's that? In layman's terms, we might say "Not knowing or aren't yet known to us or that we're not yet sure about". Do you still want further understanding? I can provide it. For instance, I'm currently writing this post. But I'm not sure if I'll finish on time, or even if I will, and what if I can't fit all of my thoughts and knowledge here in the way that I want? Unfortunately, these thoughts generate uncertainty and worry.

With regard to the author's quote, "The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves". Let's take some time to study the coming paragraphs and learn how to navigate and deal with life's uncertainties.

Being Mindfulness

Being mindful. It involves focusing on your current thoughts and experiences, as well as the world around you, rather than worrying about the future. It's not as simple as we imagined. However, if we are conscious that we are going crazy in the future, we may bring ourselves back to the current moment and remind ourselves that we are secure.

Find something you can totally engage in that will keep you grounded in the present moment. Most importantly, be patient with yourself as you explore what works best for you.

Asking reassurance is Normal 

It is fair to seek reassurance in assurance, and it is completely normal to ask for help from your people. If you discover someone looking for reassurance from you. Instead of delivering frank advice, consider saying, "I understand your feelings, and I realize you are uncertain about things; it is quite normal to feel this way. In addition, the future is inherently unclear, which can be frightening. You may explain to your loved ones how they can help you the most.

Shifting the mindset 

Why do we have to imagine it as an uncertainty when it may be an unexpected surprise along the way? Fortunately, it may work for people who are extremely overwhelmed and fear ambiguity. Finally, I have some questions for you and those who are dealing with uncertainty about the future.

  • Does this really require much attention at this point in my life?

  • If my fear comes true, what do I have power over?

  • Is it my internal fear or external causes that are influencing my thoughts in this way?

  • Just question what if my future self turns and sees this version of myself, and what I might be leaving?

  • Who am I being when I see myself confidently moving forward in the face of uncertainty?

Yes, we can't control the nature of uncertainty, but I believe we can influence how we react to it. In Simple words “we don’t need to fight over feelings of uncertainty but we can build skills to help respond to it and keep our people close to us may bring as comfort as drinking coffee when you crave after the night meal.