Everyone knows being healthy both mentally, physically makes happy life. But here is the twist: The Big HOW!? . This Article will help us out to find HOW!

“Whoever is happy will make others happy”, “Happiness comes from us, and No one else can make us Happy”. These quotes are ruling the world but the thing is No one says how to be happy & what the things we have to do for that are. Let’s see what are some little things which lead us to a happy life.

 Own the Notebook

Own the notebook and start journaling and give gratitude for the things you have in the past, present and will be in future. Writing down our thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. The first step is to start journaling randomly about your day. Like Imagine your Diary/notebook as a person, you can also give a name and communicate. Start with Date, time and location.

For example:  Dear sunshine, It's 20th July 2023, 11.11 pm and I’m sitting in my bed with the fairy light I bought last week. Today morning I have done this, I've felt this and Start to express your thoughts. If someone tell their day how's gone, what will you ask? Just imagine and answer the questions in the diary.   

10 Minutes Hack

Clean and arrange your room and Environment. Being in a dirty and messed up environment will make us sick mentally and physically. So, be disciplined with the surroundings. It’ll take 10 minutes to clean up our place or if you have to clean the whole thing just clean one place at a time. Also if it is Possible try to decorate with little things, paint the room on your own. It’ll bring a happy mood whenever we see the work we have done.

Me Time 

Time is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. So, why don't we give ourselves time? Take care of your appearance in and out. Schedule your papering time and do Workouts, Yoga, pamper your skin, hair and the whole body. Looking good and feeling Positive brings more confidence and happiness to you. 

Root the Routine 

Make a Daily Morning and evening routine. Waking up early, going for a walk, making some food, doing work and by evening have relaxing time, communicate with your friends and family, have some deep conversations about yourself and also themselves. Seek advice give advice; basically have some valuable deep talk with your lovable persons. Clean your place, have dinner, do some of your hobbies like reading books, painting, playing games, anything. Continuing Hobby will help us to keep in touch with our Inner child.

Don’t Rush 

Everything is Possible, if we give proper attention, time and patience. 

To do the above everything we have to don't rush things, don’t force, don’t stress, let things happen and trust the process. Also there is a day when we can’t do the scheduled things and that’s ok but tries to figure out why you can't do it?  Rather than stress over the things. More importantly, is patience with yourself and give some time to yourself to work out the things you planned.