End of January OR End of Resolution?

It's difficult to break old patterns if they're not driven by passion and ambitions.
End of January OR End of Resolution?

Are we following any resolution we made on the first day of the year !? As January passes, we are in the last week of the month. Are we really following the resolution that we set on 1st January? Or have already fallen by the wayside. Are you now thinking of your resolution, aren’t you? But don’t worry when you are not following your resolution and its human tendency to fall apart when things are getting intense. But this article may help you to stick with your resolutions if you are willing to be present and consistent after reading this article.

Clarity in Desires

The first step is getting clarity around one’s desires and I know It's critical to make a decision to live into one’s most extraordinary life and be clear about what is needed more than anyone else. 

But I have an approachable idea. Instead of seeking the resolution we can seek clarity of desires at this stage of life that will lead to a smooth future. You can trust me, it's worth taking the time to explore and answer that question because uncertainty around what one desires will lead to a continuing pattern of randomness. 

Intense with Intention

Rather than being a victim to our life and situation, there is great potential power in ownership of our life and ensuring everything works out in our favor. The more intention we bring to our daily existence, the more we will be enable to take control to live their best life.

The more intense our desires, the more we can get the trick to achieve the goal. While external factors and circumstances may be beyond one’s control, taking advantage of the pause between any given stimulus and response allows room for personal choice and growth.

Planning is equal to climbing 

Planning is playing a vital role to achieve what we want. Picking wisely and smart planning are essential parts of achieving the goal. If we start working toward a goal without any plan in the first place, we may quickly give up when faced with any inconvenience, obstacle, resistance or any sort of negative energy. 

Okay, you can ask what if any inconvenience occurs? Here I have an idea, yeahh!!  We can start writing down a goal along with obstacles that might stand in our way. This may lead to being better prepared to stick to our resolution and overcome anything that might distract us.

Mainly we have to look at how our routines should be aligned with core values and vision. Ensuring that one's actions are linked to the results they desire has power.

It’s ok to stuck in between

There is no one in the world that can control their life how they want but pushing our bestest best can help. Of Course we'll be stuck in between the process but the matter is how we will get through the situation and move forward with our desires.

In this sense, no one can control everything that happens, but we can all choose how to react and our actions. Letting go of the hardness of thought that comes with attachment to the outcomes and happily opens one to the universe and nature. Personally I believe the quotes that say “ But some wishes are too powerful to take back”, but we have to work for it and also believe in the timing of our life.

Quality matters 

Quality relationships are a basic human need. In fact, studies show that longevity is directly connected to the quality of one’s relationships. Accordingly, it seems obvious that one ought to ensure that goals include improving relationships and that routines help to deepen those relationships.

When we are with the people who inspire us best, either in financial knowledge, Character wise, brings out our childhood hobby, professional wise, Relationship wise or just there to cheer or support us whatever and wherever. These people can bring light to our life.   

Normalize Asking help 

Most of us mostly try to figure things out on our own. This is a good practice, but remember your people are always there to support you. You should be open to them and seek their assistance upfront if you need help. Most of the time, Our People can see things which we can’t see within ourselves because we overwhelm ourselves with our point of views. 

Appreciate Yourself

We can turn larger goals into smaller ones. It is rightly said that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. For Instance - If my big goal is to be patient with my outcomes, I can mark my calendar daily for my daily task which gets me to my outcomes.   

I Hope this Article can bring you some sort of understanding and acknowledgement over your resolution, which links to your desires. You can see the shooting star whenever you want to wish for what you desire if you are consistent with your aims and most importantly with yourself.